Our specialty is connecting volunteers and resources from 60+ local congregations with needs in the community. We depend on our network of willing volunteers to provide free services for over 29,000 requests a year.

Family Services

Compassion Network volunteers provide spiritual, marital and relational counseling, mentoring (all-ages), general tutoring (all-ages), food, clothing, amenities and other services to help families in crisis. We also provide referrals for addiction counseling, emergency resources and shelter. Beginning in October of 2017, we will have pastoral counseling available every Thursday from 2pm to 4pm by appointment only.

Footprints Shoe Closet

If you or someone you know is in need of shoes or has new or gently used shoes let us know! We have a FREE shoe closet that strives to put shoes on the feet of those in need. Footprints is open on Tuesdays for families by appointment only. Shoe requests must be done by filing out a request form at the CN office first. All qualifying shoe requests will receive vouchers to shop at Footprints. Donations can be dropped off to the CN office during business hours or taken to Footprints (call for directions). Want to organize a shoe drive? Call us today!

Manual Labor

Compassion Network volunteers provide many different types of manual labor to needy and elderly individuals and schools in our community. Many hands make the work light so we have teams who are able to do basic yard work, home care, painting projects, handyman services and much more. All labor projects must be approved after assessment.

Health Services

Network volunteers may provide transportation to medical appointments, meals for the sick, and support for those struggling with grief and illness. We partner with local churches to provide various workshops on health, fitness, preventative health and basic issues to equip residents to live a healthy and fully functioning life.

Financial Services and Support

Compassion Network does not provide financial assistance directly. However, we have vouchers for food, clothing and amenities to help take the financial weight off our of families during a time of struggle. Our volunteers provide routine budget counseling and can make referrals for tax assistance and debt relief. Every month we have something going on to support struggling families. For example, free oil changes or free laundry, etc. Check back each month for our special programs and events.

Language Translators/Assistants

Compassion Network serves a diverse community where multiple languages are spoken. Our Network provides volunteers who are able to assist those whose mother tongue is other than English. Our office intake coordinators speak Spanish (Mondays and Thursdays), Cantonese/Mandarin (Thursdays), and Tagalog (Mondays).


Compassion Network provides referrals for employment and job training. We have an up-to-date “job binder” for clients to look at. We have teams of volunteers who will help write a resume, help with job interview skills and other services to help one in the job search. Occasionally, employers will offer jobs through our network. Sometimes one of our local churches will hold a resume workshops for our clients who are actively looking for work.

General Services

Compassion Network volunteers are available to meet a wide range of needs. If the request falls beyond the scope of our services, we will work with you until we find the help you need. If you don’t see something on here and you are in need. If you don’t see something on our website and you are still in need, ask us and we may be able to help!

Support Services

Compassion Network volunteers are available to meet a wide range of needs. We have a network of support groups. if you are in need of help with a particular issue in your life; if you have a loved one who is ill or a child who is disabled, ask us about support groups. If you have an addiction you can’t kick, we have a group for you. If you need a friend to talk to or a shoulder to cry on, we can help. If you struggle with an illness or fear, please let us know. We also have launched our Buddy Program. If you would benefit from having a small group of people sponsor you for a 6-month period, let us know. Our Buddy Program matches clients with willing volunteers who connect with the client weekly to talk with them or serve them as needs arise. The goal is to build meaningful relationships and for emotional, spiritual and physical needs to be met.

Legal Services and Support

Compassion Network provides referrals for legal services and support. Occasionally, local attorneys will offer free services through our network.

Annual Programs

All year we have larger programs to meet basic needs for families. All programs are based on a first come, first served basis while supplies last. Some examples are: Back to School Drive, Hearty Harvest Thanksgiving program, Tree of Hope Christmas Program, Joyful Bounty Easter Program, Community Impact Day, Mobile home and School Beautification Projects, Make A Difference Day and Compassion Month activities (February).

Justice Programs

All year we have partnered with many justice causes. If you are interested in fighting modern day slavery, foster care support, homelessness, abuse, obesity, bullying, gang prevention, senior protection, religious and ethnic peace then please inquire for local opportunities to serve as an advocate.

Youth Programs

All year long we partner with many youth programs. We have our BOOST! after-school tutoring program on MOndays, fun and sport programs launched throughout the year. We also have a myriad of youth clubs, kids clubs and support groups for all ages.

Disaster Readiness Program

As part of a multi-year initiative, we work with our CityServe member churches and a taskforce on disaster readiness for individuals and their families and households, emphasizing preparedness for self-sufficiency and equipping individuals for service to others. We do this by promoting awareness, training for readiness, and by identifying needed resources and volunteers within the communities that can be deployed in a disaster. With churches and congregations, we promote readiness for church continuity (“keep the doors open”) and equipping itself towards a goal of a unified response, providing emergency relief and recovery services to the community in time of disaster.


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