Support Groups


The Journey to Healing and Wholeness

Wednesdays, 7PM
New Hope Community Church
2190 Peralta Blvd Fremont, CA 94536

Are you are struggling with something that seems stronger than you?  As much as you try you simply can’t seem to get over it or around it or past it or away from it?

Many think that by coming to Jesus and accepting him as Savior, they have come to the end of a long journey.  The truth is that the real journey begins when Jesus comes into our lives.  It is a journey of learning to live life in a new way, the Jesus way.  It is a new life where we learn to love and be loved by God.  It is a new life where we learn to love others and love ourselves in God’s way. 

Many of us, probably all of us, had some poor and even dysfunctional models of love growing up.  Many of us have been hurt and have hurt others along the way. 

These hurts can cause us to become stuck. Some of us are stuck in our hurts.  Some of us are stuck in shame because of what we have done or what others have done to us.  Some of us are stuck in habits that we can’t quit. Some of us are stuck in grief and disappointments that we can’t get over.  Grief, disappointment, shame, addiction, hurt, and unforgiveness are just a few of the things that are hard to get over alone.  The truth is we don’t get over these things alone.  We need God and we need others.

What is Steps Along the Way?
Steps Along the Way is a support group based on the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous.  Don’t let the 12 steps throw you. This group is not only for people struggling with addictions. The 12 steps are not only helpful for finding recovery from addictions, but they also provide a very useful structure for finding wholeness and healing from many of the hurts, grief, and stuck places in our lives.  The purpose of the group is to help followers of Jesus take the necessary steps to find healing, and experience the joy of life in Christ. 

What is a meeting like?
At the beginning of each meeting, we remind participants of our purpose and guidelines, especially the need for confidentiality and our belief in Jesus as our Lord.
Then we study the 12 steps as presented in the Celebrate Discovery Step Study Books.  There is also time for personal sharing and prayer for healing and wholeness.



Grief Share Support Group

Sundays, 6PM
Harbor Light Church Conference Room
4760 Thornton Ave, Fremont, CA

No matter how long it’s been since your loved one passed away, you’ll find encouragement, comfort and support in this safe and caring group. Ongoing weekly video and workbook series combined with small group discussion. Childcare for children, ages 1-5. Leader: Mark Walther

(408) 515-6082, or


Caregiver support for those caring for people struggling with Mental Illnesses

Patty Espeseth, MFT
(510) 535-5115 x111

NAMI: South County Family Support Group
We give support and find hope with the caregivers, friends and family of people struggling with mental illnesses.
Meets 2nd and 4th Tuesdays monthly: 6:30PM – 8:00PM
The Holly Center: 31600 Alvarado Blvd, Union City.



Celebrate Recovery

Fridays, 7PM
Harbor Light Church Y Building
4760 Thornton Ave, Fremont, CA 94536
Call 510-673-7753 for more info

Celebrate Recovery is a Christ-centered 12-step program. Become free from addictive, compulsive and dysfunctional behaviors. Have peace, serenity, joy and most importantly, a stronger personal relationship with God and others. BBQ night is the last Friday of the month at 6:00pm. Childcare is available. 


General Meeting – Men & Women: Fridays, 7:00pm, Y Bldg. followed by  Celebrate Recovery Open Share groups:


Men’s A-Z (General issues), Men’s Sexual Addiction, Men’s Chemical Addiction


Women’s A-Z (General issues), Women in Recovery from Codependency, Women in Recovery from Abuse (Sexual, Physical, Emotional) and Women Struggling with Fear & Control.


Contact the leader, Vern, at (510) 673-7753



Recovery Bible Study

Tobey Hall
(650) 625-1500 x113

Recovery Bible Study is a group for men and women seeking healing from any addiction. It is a 12-Step group focusing on the application of Biblical truths to the challenges of life. This is a safe setting for encouragement and accountability.


ALCF Worship Center Classroom 3

Thursdays at 7:30PM


Fresh Start

Pastor Tobey Hall
(650) 625-1500 x113

Fresh Start is an in-depth, Christian recovery workshop involving journaling. It is for anyone, male or female, who has or who has someone in their life that has an addiction/compulsion problem.


Fresh Start can give you the tools to help you learn to deal with addictions and/or compulsive behaviors around:


  • drugs and alcohol
  • gambling
  • sex
  • co-dependency
  • or if your life is just plain unmanageable.     


Learn to let go and:


  • experience God’s healing
  • discover a new you
  • celebrate personal strengths
  • make good choices
  • heal the physical body and emotional mind
  • meet new friends
  • get support
  • express love for others


Wednesdays from 7:30-9PM
ALCF Worship Center Classroom 3

Note: Does not meet the fourth Wednesday of each month.



Faithful and True


Faithful and True is a Christ-centered group for men seeking healing from sexual addiction. It is a safe, confidential setting where men can discover the underlying issues of their addiction and seek healing through God’s grace. This group uses the, “Living in Freedom Everyday” workbook by Dr. Mark Laaser.


Thursdays, beginning March 1- May 26 (14 weeks) at 7:30-9PM


Abundant Life Christian Fellowship Worship Center Classroom 2


Cost: $15.00 for workbook (contact if you are a Compassion Network Client for scholarship)





Coping for Attitude for Women


Coping with Attitude is a Christ-centered support group for women seeking healing from anger and other emotions and attitudes. It will help you identify patterns of relating, thinking and behaving that influence emotions in order to process them in a healthy way.


Tuesdays, beginning April 17- June 5 (8 weeks) at 7:30-9PM


Abundant Life Christian Fellowship Worship Center Classroom 3


Cost: $10.00 for workbook  (scholarships may be available for Compassion Network





Food for the Spirit 4 Women


Thursdays, beginning March 22 at 7:30-9PM

Abundant Life Christian Fellowship Church

ALCF Worship Center Classroom 3

Cost: $10.00 for workbook


For more information or to register go here:



Job/Ministry Support

Cheryl Degree
650-625-1500 x135

The JOBS Ministry provides a supportive environment to individuals searching for a career change, or those re-entering the employment field. JOBS Ministry is NOT designed to provide job placement, but we offer employment preparation services and guidance.



Mental Health Issues Support Group

Biblical counseling and support. HELP Hope, Encouragement, Love and Prayer! is a support group for those coping with or supporting someone with mental health issues.


Abundant Life Christian Fellowship
Worship Center
1st & 3rd Mondays from 7pm – 8:30pm


Single Mom’s Support Group

Sundays, 9AM
Harbor Light Church Infant Nursery
4760 Thornton Ave
Fremont, CA 94536

Stressed, worried or feel inadequate as a single mom?


Come and be with a great group of ladies and talk about relevant things that only YOU can relate to.


Beginning Nov. 16. Childcare available.


Leader: Mimi Pang,


When Homosexuality Hits Home

3rd Wednesday, 6:30PM
Harbor Light Church CREO Room
4760 Thornton Ave
Fremont, CA 94536

“I’m gay.”


These are hard words to hear from a loved one but are just as hard for the same-sex-attracted person to utter.


If you know someone who is struggling with same-sex attraction, find the support you need in a caring and private setting.


Childcare and programs for kids of all ages are available.


Call for more information call 510.744.2233.